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Malampa Volcano & Kastom Tour. This is a 9-days excellent tour for keen walkers and adventure-seekers who want to fully encounter the unique cultural and geological wonders of Malampa. Beginning your adventure on Ambrym, traverse the volcanic caldera of the 'the black island', trekking from Port Vato in the west to the remote north. En route camp on the edge of the caldera and experience the atmospheric lunar-like ash plains then climb up both Mount Benbow and Mount Marum to view their bubbling caldrons of lava - if you dare! On the fourth day trek down to the west coast and relax at Ranon Beach Bungalows. The following day see the famous Fanla Rom cloaked dancers perform on their sacred dancing ground then return to Craig Cove on a scenic boat trip passing the spectacular strata of ash layers along the shoreline. After an overnight stay and relaxing soak in the natural hot springs at Ter Ter fly to Malekula to begin your next island adventure. After a night in Norsup cross over the 'dog's neck' to the west coast and trek through beautiful limestone cascades of the Losinwei River then visit the Nasara of the Big Nambas Amokh people to watch their rhythmic tribal dancing. After a relaxing overnight stay at Dram Dram Bungalows return to the east coast to visit the Small Nambas people of Rano mainland and hear their stories while observing their way of life. Your trip concludes with a cannibal site tour visiting the eerie remains of victims left scattered next to the ‘cannibal kitchen’ and the skulls of chiefs of the past inside their monumental stone graves.

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The Nambas (Big & Small)

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Tuesday - Craig Cove

Arrive at Craig Cove from Santo or Vila (via Santo) at 1.30pm. Transfer to Sam’s Guesthouse for the night. Option to do in house tours.

Day 2

Wednesday - Port Vato

Transfer to Port Vato. Begin Volcano Cross-Over (West to North) Trek. Night camping at West Camp. Time dependent visit Mount Benbow in evening or otherwise early the next morning.

Day 3

Thursday - Volcanic Caldera

Hike across the caldera from West Camp to East Camp past the new volcanic landscape of lava and hot-water lake.

Day 4

Friday - Mount Marum

Hike from North Camp, up Mount Marum to Ranvetlam and transfer to Ranon Beach Bungalows to stay the night.

Day 5

Saturday - Black Magic Tour

Local treck up to Fanla Rom Dance and Black Magic Tour in the morning. Walk back with your guide after your tour. Boat back to Craig Cove after lunch. Night at Ter Ter Hot Springs Bungalow.

Day 6

Sunday - Norsup

Transfer and flight to Norsup at 9.40am. Lunch and free-time pm. Stay at either Ameltoro Bungalows, Lakatoro Palm Lodge or Nabelchel Bungalows.

Day 7

Monday - Big Nambas

Big Nambas Amokh Tribal Tour at Unmet am, lunch at Dram Dram Bungalows and Losinwei Cascades and Waterfall Walk pm. Accommodation at Dram-Dram Bungalows.

Day 8

Tuesday - Small Nambas

Small Nambas Tour at Rano am and Amelbati Cannibal Site Tour pm. Night at either Ameltoro Bungalows, Lakatoro Palm Lodge or Nabelchel Bungalows.

Day 9

Wednesday - Departure

(NUS) Norsup Airport