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Tribe Experience

In addition to visiting the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso, this 8-day experience will allow you to discover the welcoming Mapuche and Pehuenche culture. Located a few kilometers from Pucón, Curarrehue is surrounded by the Andean peaks and the characteristic landscapes of the "Lake District", where you can walk in native forests, learning and living traditions and stories, enjoying nature and a unique cuisine that will make your trip an unforgettable life changing experience.

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The Mapuche

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Arrival - Santiago

Private transfer from Santiago's airport.

Night at the Hotel / Private Room / Breakfast Include

Day 2


Today, early morning, you will take public transport to the bus station and then a bus to Valparaiso (2 hours). Public transport to the bus station is on your own. Ask for private transfer.

Valparaiso, the UNESCO World Heritage Site –a cliff-clinging seaside town. Our local guide will be waiting for you to visit the oldest neighbourhood of the city with a local poet. Interesting characters and beautiful views towards the colourful hills are waiting for you.

You will begin the journey in the foundational sector of Valparaiso, visiting the oldest temple in the city, Church of La Matriz. Then we will go through the social dining room 421, where we will get to know the social work carried out by neighbours and volunteers in aid of the homeless brothers.

Afterwards, we will go up the stairs of the Santo Domingo Hill, that keeps countless secrets of architecture and heritage and is the first one inhabited in the city. You will arrive at the house of 'La Chinita', who will receive you in her home to enjoy lunch with a pleasant conversation about life in Buenos Aires neighbourhood.

We will go to the city center through the patrimonial zone of the hill. Together with the local guide, we will continue the walk appreciating the street art that highlights Valparaiso as a bohemian city and cultural center nationwide. Afterwards, a visit to Pablo Neruda's house museum, La Sebastiana, it is a must.

Bus back to Santiago (2 hours). The bus will leave you at the bus station in Santiago. Ask for private transfer to your accommodation.

Night at the Hotel / Private Room / Breakfast Included

Day 3

Santiago city tour

The tour begins in the traditional centre of Santiago, walking among heritage buildings such as La Moneda, Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, etc. Afterwards, we will go to the emblematic Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, passing through Cerro Santa Lucía with the best views of Santiago, Barrio Lastarria, Parque Forestal and the Museo de Bellas Artes. This neighbourhood, full of art, shops and alternative cafes, has the most beautiful architectures in the city. Finally, the Barrio Bellas Artes is connected to Cerro San Cristóbal and the Museo Casa la Chascona* by the poet Pablo Neruda.

Afterwards, you are already in Barrio Bellavista, a very known bohemian neighbourhood in Santiago, so you are in the best place to eat typically Chilean food or try pisco or wine.

Night bus in confortable reclinable flat seat from Santiago to Pucón (9:30 hours).

Day 4

Mapuche culture

Private transfer from Pucon to Curarrehue.

Today, we will be received at Curarrehue Square by our local guide, who will welcome us and tell us about the next days' program.

Ancestral story: We will go to a Mapuche house with fireplace called Inaltuleufu Ruka, where we will be able to have a conversation about the Mapuche cosmovision.

Tortilla de Rescoldo Workshop: After a very interesting conversation, we will learn how to make "Tortillas de Rescoldo", cooked with fire and ashes.

Mapuche food and rural life: the lunch will be in Elisa restaurant, a famous place in Kurarewe where the recipe
includes local ingredients. Afterwards, we will get to know diverse aspects of the rural Mapuche livelihood.

Vegetable ecological garden visit: In the afternoon, next to Curileufu river, a local entrepreneur will show us his reforestation work with native species: seeds picking, greenhouse and reproduction.

Day 5

Mapuche culture

You begin the journey with a traditional Mapuche breakfast.

Trekking: We will arrive at Quillelhue lagoon, on the border with Argentina and inside Villarrica National Park, where you will begin the trekking by an old international pass that crosses the template rainforest with araucarias, watching many endemic birds.

Andean lagoons: The circuit goes up until wonderful Andean lagoons. The Roquiñ (picnic) will be in the foothills of the majestic Lanín volcano, also called Awel Ñamku (3.747 above sea level) by the locals, with magnificent views over the mountains around the Trankurra river.

Difficulty: Medium

Day 6

Mapuche culture

Ancestral medicine talk: after breakfast, the trip takes us to a Longko's home, an ancestral authority, who will offer a talk on the traditional medicine of the Mapuche people and will show his orchard of medicinal plants.

Traditional orchard of seed protector: in Pocolpén you will be received by a seed protector. The hostess will take us through her agro- ecological garden, sharing her extensive knowledge about plants, the stories of the seeds and the medicinal use.

Local lunch: after lunch, the Camilo Coñuequir Lloftonekul Indigenous Community will receive us in Ruka Trankurra, where you will taste a lunch based on traditional Mapuche food.

Workshop and walk: after the meal, there will be a short walk to the Copihupulli Waterfall. On the way back, the community Longko will share with you the history of their family and their relation with the territory. The program will end with a visit to a workshop on processing products derived from honey and natural herbs within the community.

Day 7

Mapuche culture

Medicinal Orchard and Native Forest Hike. We will visit a medicinal plant garden in Huitraco, where you will learn from the different uses of plants in the Mapuche culture. Afterwards, we will go through an interpretative path of native forest, where you will be able to identify the native flora.

Traditional Lunch. For lunch, you will go to the Mapuche community Camilo Coñuequir Lloftonekul, where you will be greeted with a meal based on traditional food.

Thermal Waters or Native Species. The day ends with adventure or relaxation: you will be able to choose to get to know the different species of flora and native trees, making arborism, a tour by platforms in height or a moment of relaxation in thermal waters.

Private transfer from Pucon to Curarrehue.

Night bus in confortable reclinable flat seat from Pucón to Santiago (9:30 hours).

Day 8


Private transfer to Santiago's airport.