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Located in the South, this region feels like a world away from Northern Ethiopia – with a rural and tropical feel, it is more reminiscent of sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the country. This is a short but intense 4-days trip to discover the wildlife of the region and understand the ancient cultures that live there. In Omo Valley it feels like time has stood still, and this trip is a great opportunity not only to to discover the Daseenech tribes but as well the Konso, Hamar, Kwegu, Karo, Benna and Mursi.

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The Dassenech

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Sun- Arbore and Hamer

An early morning start, driving from Arba Minch to Konso. To do boat excursions over lake Chamo to see hippos, crocodiles’ market and aquatic birds and then continue to visit one of the Konso villages and see the view of New York City rocks. On the way to meet Arbore tribe and visit their village. Driving to Turmi Buska lodge so that around 7:30 we Can get to the Hamar tribe village to see Evan gadi the traditional night dancing. Overnight stay in Buska Lodge.

Day 2

Mon- Kara and Dassenech

In the morning drive to Korcho village to meet Kara tribe and visit their village. Afterwards, return to Turmi to visit Hamar tribe Monday local market. Late afternoon when the sun goes down drive to Omorate cross omo river via Canoe to meet Dassenech tribe and experience their culture's. This day by coincidence if the bull jumping ceremony will take place then I will change the itinerary without affecting the original plan. Six or seven days in advance or before your arrival we will inform you if there would be bull jumping or not. Notice that we visit Dassenech tribe in the afternoon for a better experience to enjoy their company. Overnight stay in Turmi Buska Lodge.

Day 3

Tue- Hamer and Benna

In the morning drive to the Hamar village to experience the morning activities of the Hamar tribe. Then drive to a village called Alduba to visit Benna tribe Tuesday’s market so that we can do hiking trails through Benna villages for 2 hours or less while the car is ahead of us and waiting for us. Overnight stay in Jinka Nasa pension

Day 4

Wed- Mursi

Early morning drive through the Mago National Park to a village to see some animals/wildlife and to visit Mursi tribe, so that drive back to Jinka eat lunch at Jinka Besha Gojo restaurant so that we will transfer you to Jinka BCO airport at 13:00 for your flight that departs at 14:40 from Jinka to Addis Ababa.