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Tribe Experience

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The aim of this 6-days culturally immersive expedition is to live with the Nenets and experience their way of life. Your group will totally embed themselves with their hosts, wearing what the Nenets wear, eating what they eat and sleeping in their conical reindeer-hide tents called chums (pronounced 'chooms'). This is a rare opportunity to experience the un-staged reality of nomadic life on the remote, frigid and unforgiving Nenetsia.

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The Nenet

Trip itinerary

Day 1


Arrival in the main city of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug - Salekhard. Meeting at the airport and acquaintance with the guide. Transfer from the airport to a hotel. Accommodation at the hotel. 14-00 Start of the city tour of Salekhard with an Car English-speaking guide. This city crosses the Polar circle, the main parts being about 1 kilometer south and suburbs stretching to the north of the circle. 19-00 Dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2

Nenet Camp

07:30 Breakfast at the hotel. 09:00 Safety briefing. Departure to the camp of reindeer herders. Arrival at the camp, accommodation in a yurt or "chum" (pronounced "choom") (traditional dwelling - tepee-like tents covered in reindeer skin) , get acquaintance with locals. There, the hostess will tell you about the peculiarities of the nomad life in Arctic and the ancient traditions that are alive till today.13:00 Lunch (Tasting the national cuisine). You will have a great opportunity to have an immersion in the world of the Nenets reindeer herders, which mostly depends on reindeer. Here, the whole life of a person is subordinated to the rhythm of a deer life. 19:00 Dinner (local dishes). Overnight in the chum

Day 3

Nenet Camp

09:00 Breakfast. Cultural exploration. Today you feel like a real reindeer herder. You are given the opportunity to take an active part in everyday Aboriginal life, learn the basic rules of life in the "chum", learn how to lasso deer, harness the deer and rule it. Optional: it can be organised ice-fishing on the pond or you can spend your evening dedicated to traditions and the customs of the indigenous population. A brief overview of spiritual culture. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 4

Nenet Camp

09:00 Breakfast. Acquaintance with the life and way of life of a modern chum-worker on the Yamal Peninsula. Women have a very important task to make or even built a home for the whole families. To make a house means to make, prepare, soak reindeer skins, of which they then sew a special cover for "chum". Moreover, women also are responsible for dressing your family. She should prepare shoes and warm comfortable clothes. Much depends on this: 40 degree frost in the tundra is not a joke. Dinner. Overnight in the chum.

Day 5


09:00 Breakfast. Engaging in everyday life of Yamal nomads - repair of "nukes" (fur coatings for the chum), making of wooden parts for sledges, etc.
Optionally: - traditional slaughter of a deer. For the Nenets this is a kind of ritual, which is carried out by men, and women are already carving carcasses - the whole family and neighbors are going to enjoy fresh meat and warm blood (extra charge). 14:00 Departure to Salekhard . Arrival in Salekhard. Hotel accommodation. Dinner in the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6


Breakfast at the hotel. Free time. 12.00. Transfer: hotel - airport Salekhard