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Tribe Experience

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In this 9-days experience you will not only live with the Mursi people but as well with other important tribes of the valley as the Hamar, Konso, Daseeneech, Kara, Dorze & Aari. Located in the South Omo, this region feels like a world away from Northern Ethiopia. This 9-days tour takes you through Mago and Maze National park. The nomadic ethnic groups live primarily as pastoralists near the Omo River. The Mursi are known for their lip plates, earlobes and Donga (ritual stick fighting). The Hamar women are striking; wearing beautiful colourful beads and goatskins, ornate big metal necklace to represent first wife and metal bangles around their wrist and ankles and crowns of long dreadlock braids covered in ochre, also famous for their ritual Bull jumping. The Karo tribe is known for elaborate body painting. These ethnic groups and their unique symbolic cultures are fascinating. These vast and mysterious Omo valley ethnic groups immerses you into its wonders and undoubtedly leaves you with life long memories. With complex tribal groups, ancient civilisations, and over 16 languages spoken, is a feast for someone looking for a cultural holiday.

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The Mursi

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Sunday. Hamar tribe.

To meet and experience their cultures. Overnight stay in Turmi Buska lodge or Turmi paradise lodge.

Day 2

Monday. Dassenech tribe.

Hiking trails, morning time drive to Omorate cross Omo river via Canoe to visit Dassenech tribe, in the afternoon visit Monday market in Turmi, so that late afternoon we can 90 minutes hiking trails to the village. Overnight stay in the village with Hamar tribe via tent accommodation.

Day 3

Tuesday. Kara tribe.

Early morning drive to Korcho village to visit Kara tribe and in the afternoon to visit Benna tribes Tuesday market in Alduba, to meet Benna and experience their culture's while trekking through the rugged pathways. Overnight stay in Jinka Nasa pension.

Day 4

Wednesday. Mursi tribe.

Morning time drive to the village through Mago National park to enjoy the scenery of park, to do trekking in the national park to see wildlife/animals and to meet Mursi tribe and experience their culture's. Overnight stay in the village with Mursi tribes via tent accommodation.

Day 5

Thursday. Aari people

Hiking trails through farms which is set in a landscape of rolling, mountains, rivers to experience the daily basis activities and to visit their Thursday market at Bako-Gazer. Overnight stay in Jinka Nasa pension.

Day 6

Friday. Maze National Park.

Trekking in the national park to see larger and medium-sized mammals and savannah species wild animals. The Maze National Park is one of the two sites in the world where a good population of the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest’s population still survive. Besides, Orbi, Bohor red buck, buffalo, warthog, bushbuck, waterbuck, greater kudu, lesser kudu, bush pig, Anubis baboon, vervet monkey, lion, leopard, wild cats, and serval other kinds of cat can easily be found in the park. Overnight stay in Konso Kanta lodge or Konso korbeta lodge.

Day 7

Saturday. Konso village.

In the morning explore through the villages to meet the local people's and experience their culture, to enjoy the impressive cultural landscape which is UNESCO heritage site and to visit Saturday market in which the local people's slaughter beef and selling meat in an open space. Overnight stay in Arba Minch Haile Hotel.

Day 8

Sunday. Dorze Village.

Morning time boat trip over Chamo Lake to see crocodiles’ market, hippos and birds and late afternoon drive to Dorze village to meet the people's and experience their culture's/traditional customs. Overnight stay in Arba Minch Haile Hotel.

Day 9

Monday. Departure

Departure from Arba Minch Airport