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Tribe Experience

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11-day trip where you will discover the treasures that are still alive in these Mayan communities that you will visit. They will naturally share with you their customs, beliefs through various activities coordinated by their local hosts in the beauty of everyday life in the life of an indigenous community in Mexico.

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The Maya

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Nuevo Durango (- / L / D)

This day your transfer will pick you up from the Cancun International Airport to take you to the Maya community of Nuevo Durango, where the residents will welcome you and continue to settle in your rustic cabin. Then you will go to the dining room of the cooperative to taste their food.

Today they will have the opportunity to learn about some of the rituals of Mayan culture. You can attend a purification ceremony in which the j-men (shaman) of the community will perform a purification ritual so that your mind and body regain peace and enjoy the good energy that surrounds this place.

Accommodation: Rustic cabins in Nuevo Durango
Transportation: Private Transportation
Activity: Mayan Ceremony

Day 2

Organic Garden (B / L / D)

Today in the morning you will have a gastronomic experience, you will be part of the preparation of their food in the house of a community family (Manuel's house), once everything is ready for cooking the food you will have time to visit the Association of Organic Orchards Chulub Chac that groups 6 families of the town that grow vegetables, tubers and fruit trees in an organic way. Don Damian Poot Zul will teach you about the seasons of each one, its gastronomic and medicinal uses and the use of fertilizers and natural repellents to take care of the crops.

Later, you will visit the conservation space created by Manuel Trinidad and his family in 2006, where it houses 4 species of animals in danger of extinction and is responsible for reproducing them and then releasing them in protected areas where hunting is prohibited. The species they have preserved for a long time is the white-tailed deer, to which are added the tepezcuintle, the oiled turkey and the pheasant oco. You can also visit the House of Bees.

After these two activities you can enjoy the delicious food and share quality time at the table with the family of the community.

Accommodation: cabins or similar.
Activities: Food preparation-Visit to the Organic Garden-Visit to the UMA - Lunch at Manuel's house

Day 3

Punta Laguna (B / L / D)

Today, your local community guide, Enrique, will accompany you to visit the jungle reserve known as Punta Laguna. Here you can walk along jungle trails to admire the flora and perhaps, if nature decides, find spider monkeys that live there. Time to take a canoe ride through the lagoon. Return to eat in Nuevo Durango and free afternoon to enjoy with the community.

Accommodation: rustic cabins or similar.
Activities: Visit to Punta Laguna with local transfer from Nuevo Durango

Day 4

Crafts Workshop (B / D / L)

Today you will learn about the art of hammock warming and the embroidery of blouses from the women of the community. You can try to keep up and take a traditional memory made with love by these artisans.

This afternoon you will visit the House of Insects where they will see the collection of insects to learn about the different species that inhabit this area and the curious history of the creation of this community museum.

Accommodation: rustic cabins or similar.
Activities: Hammocks and Crafts Workshop - House of Insects

Day 5

Yaxunah community (B / L / D)

Today in the morning after breakfast a local guide will transfer you from Nuevo Durango to the Mayan community of , where you can have two beautiful experiences. First they will visit a sustainable cornfield, which is sought to increase the efficiency of soil resources, without burning the bushes at the end of the harvest and using the same plants as fertilizer for the land. From the hand of Don Francisco they will learn about the tasks of cleaning, planting and harvesting, as well as the challenges that producers face due to climate change and pests. Work in the fields directly supports the community by giving corn for food, work and the possibility of creating complementary economic income through tourism.

There will be a demonstration of the drinks that can be obtained based on corn, called pozoles and atoles. You will learn about the preparation of these drinks, how corn is broken and nixtamal is made, then taste 8 varieties, including those drinks that are taken on special occasions, such as Pinole (in Mayan baptism) or Corn Pozole (such as part of offerings to nature).

Subsequently, you will participate in the preparation of a typical Mayan meal, cooked in the underground pib oven wrapped in banana leaves. While cooking, we can participate in the preparation of dessert and tortillas or enjoy a walk and return at lunchtime to taste the delicious cochinita pib.

Transportation: Transfer to the community of Yaxuna
Accommodation: Rustic cabins or similar.
Activities: Visit of the cornfield - Gastronomic workshop

Day 6

Chichen Itza (B / L / D)

This morning you will visit the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. Your local host will take you to this site where your specialized guide will wait for an interesting visit. Later you will move to a nice cenote where they can cool off and eat (Yokdozonot cenote). And you will return in the afternoon to rest in Yaxunah.

Transportation: Round trip transfer to Chichen-Itza
Accommodation: Rustic cabins or similar.
Activities: Guided tour in Chichen-Itza- Swim in Cenote

Day 7

Ek Balam (B / L / D)

After breakfast your local guide will take you to take a local bus to travel to the city of Valladolid (1h20 ride) where your other local guide will pick you up to take you to the Mayan community of Ek Balam.

In the afternoon experience of a community tour, where you will visit 3 families from the community that will open the doors of their homes to share with the visitors part of their culture and traditions. It seeks to benefit the largest number of families in the community, so the houses to visit are rotated. The first visit will be a workshop to learn about hammock warming, traditional Yucatan crafts. Then follow the workshop on embroidery where you can try to sew and take a nice memory. Finally you will learn to prepare and knead the famous corn tortillas and we will taste them. You will walk the town on foot, also learning about the use of plants in Mayan medicine and cuisine, the Mayan language and other curious facts about the town.

Transportation: Transfer Pisté, local bus from Pisté to Valladolid, Transfer from Valladolid to the community of Ek Balam
Accommodation: Rustic cabins or similar.
Activities: Community tour in the community of Ek Balam

Day 8

Archaeological zone (B / - / -)

In the morning we invite you to discover on your own this small and beautiful archeological zone. Later your local guide will take you to the city of Valladolid (20 minutes) where you can explore its colorful and quiet streets. Rest of the day off.

Transportation: Transfer to Valladolid
Accommodation: Hotel Casa Quetzal or similar in Valladolid
Activities: Free day

Day 9

Tulum (B / - / -)

Today you will go to the bus terminal (on your own) to take your bus to Tulum where upon arrival you will take a taxi on your own to reach your hotel at the beach shore for your relaxation.

Transportation: Bus to Tulum
Accommodation: Hotel Los Lirios or similar in Tulum
Activities: Free day

Day 10

Tulum (B / - / -)

Today you will have the day off to relax after these intense days of discovery and inner enrichment.

Accommodation: Hotel Los Lirios or similar in Tulum
Activities: Free day

Day 11

Cancun Airport (B / - / -)

Today at the scheduled time your private transfer will take you to the Cancun International Airport so you can take your flight home.

Transportation: Private transfer to Cancun airport