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5-days trip to discover the ancient Lun Bayang tribe. Long Semadoh comprise of 6 villages of the Lun Bawang community. Located about 100 kilometres from Lawas town and situated approximately 2200 metres above sea level. The Lun Bawang has a rich cultural history and at the same time, they were on the verge of extinction if not for the arrival of Christian missionaries as early as 1928. Before this, they had been in contact with ancient traders from China especially for the huge jars or porcelain needed in their burial rites which we can still find these artefacts in the ancient graveyards. They also came into contact with the Brunei Malays and did barter trading as well. It is historically well known as far as Sarawak History is concerned. Vyner Brooke, the third Rajah of Sarawak did lead an expeditionary force to the highland, to fight the rebellious Lun Bawang there. The Lun Bawang are mostly found in Limbang Division of Sarawak, Malaysia, especially in and around Lawas Town and some in Kalimantan Indonesia. There are about over 25000 population in Malaysia.

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The Lun Bawang

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Buduk Bui Salt Spring

Ba’kelalan / Buduk Bui Salt Spring. Meet & greet by our local guide at Ba’kelalan airport. Ba’kelalan is situated in the Highlands of Sarawak, about 3,000 feet (910 m) above sea level in the cool mountain climate and 4 km from the border of Indonesian Kalimantan. Lunch at a local Homestay. After lunch depart by 4 Wheel Drive to Buduk Bui Salt Spring to witness the process of natural salt making. Bakelalan salt is containing high in Iodin and believed can cure skin disease. Here we will experience the processing of the local natural salt which is rich in minerals. If you wish, you are able to stay awake the whole night to try for yourselves the process of making your own Salt. Dinner will be served by your guide. Overnight at the lodge.

Day 2

Puneng Trusan village

Ba’kelalan Experience - Puneng Trusan. After breakfast. We pack our personally made salt and return to Buduk Nur for check in at a local Homestay. After lunch walk through the paddy field and cross a river to trek to Pa Sarui View Point. This is a great time for photography and you will have a better view of the village and its surroundings. Afterwards continue our journey via 4WD to Puneng Trusan village. Accessible by 4-Wheel drive criss-cross into the highland interior of Sarawak. The journey will take 2.5hrs follow logging roads subject on weather condition, but if raining journey take a bit longer as logging roads more slippery. Upon arrival at the village, you will check in at home stay. Light Refreshment will be served. In the afternoon, take a walk to the village and visit the paddy field. Almost all of the traditional economical activities of the Lun Bawang here are related to rice & pineapple plantation. In the evening, you will be introducing to the village folks just to mingle with them. Dinner at home stay.

Day 3

Puneng Trusan Village

Puneng Trusan Village –The Crocodile mud Heritage. After breakfast, take approximately 1.5 hour trek deep in the jungle and here you will find some mounds in the shape of a crocodile. The mound which is shaped like a crocodile portrayed the characteristics of the crocodile itself- its bravery, strength and toughness. Likewise, after a warrior had successfully taken an enemy's head, a mound was made for him to celebrate his prowess and achievements. Usually the beautiful damsels and rice wine will make the celebration complete. Rice known as "baraperurut" was sometimes used instead of soil. It was shaped like the shape of a crocodile- this was usually the work of the upper class Lun Bawang in the old days. The presence of these crocodile mounds nowadays indicated that there was a long house nearby before where the first settlement of Lun Bawang. This form of celebration was stopped when the tribe embraced Christianity. Trek another 1 hour to Pa’ Rebatuh magnificent waterfall with 3 tiers. Packed lunch will be served. Late afternoon return to Home Stay and rest or mingle with the old folks. Dinner at homestay.

Day 4

Lawas town

Departure Puneng Trusan – Lawas. After breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye to the folks. Then proceed for your journey by 4-Wheel drive via Long Semadoh to Lawas Town. Another journey which accessible only by 4-Wheel drive will take 4 hours back to Lawas town depending on the logging roads condition. If it is raining journey take a bit longer as logging roads will be more slippery. Arrive Lawas town. Accomodation not included.

Day 5


Departure from Lawas airport.