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A 6-day trip to discover the Lower Omo Valley that consists of more than 20 different ethnic groups having a unique cultural norm, tradition and lifestyles. Their jewellery like bracelet and beads, their hairstyle, their hide clothing and the way they prepare and wear it, their style of body decoration makes these people highly attractive. In addition to these characteristics associated with physical appearances, their beliefs, norms, life philosophies, the region is also known for its biological diversity. The major cultural events practiced by these groups of people and indigenous knowledge has a lot to tell to the world Since ethnic diversity of the area evolves with the biological diversity and vice versa. In this trip you will meet the Konso people as well as the Hamar, Daseeneech, Karo, Mursi, Benna & Dorze.

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The Konso

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Friday-Dorze tribe

To do boat excursions over lake Chamo to see crocodiles’ market, hippos and different kinds of bird species and to meet Dorze dwellers and learn weaving and false banana ( Enset ). The plant, which grows up to 10 metres, is a staple food for millions of people in the Ethiopian Highlands who turn it in to bread and porridge, construction materials, packaging, cattle feed, medicine, mattress and etc. Overnight stay in Arba Minch Haile Hotel.

Day 2

Saturday-Konso tribe

Saturday market early in the morning drive to Karat to visit Konso villages and cultural landscape which is UNESCO World Heritage Site, and to visit one of colourful Konso people's Saturday market at Fasha village Overnight stay in Konso Korebta lodge or Konso kanta lodge.

Day 3

Sunday-Hamar tribe

Drive to the village to meet the Hamar tribe and experience a semi-nomadic lifestyle, much of their unique customs, like strong community responsibility in any social aspects and Evan Gadi a traditional night dancing which unmarried young woman and man who experience this dance under the shinning stars. Overnight stay in the village with Hamar tribe via tent accommodation.

Day 4

Monday-Dassenech tribe

In the morning we can do 2 hours of hiking trails to Turmi to visit the Hamar tribe Monday market, in the afternoon dugout Canoe excursions over omo river to meet the local tribe Dassenech and to gain a cultural experience. Overnight stay in Turmi Buska lodge.

Day 5

Tuesday-Kara tribe

In the morning drive to Korcho village to visit Kara tribes and experience their unique customs, of lifestyle. Then afterward drive to Alduba where you can visit one of busiest and colourful tribal market so that one-hour hiking trails to the village to meet Benna tribe and experience the cultures. Overnight stay in the village with Benna tribes via tent accommodation.

Day 6

Mago national park

Mursi tribe; Early in the morning drive to the village through Mago national park, to enjoy the sceneries, possibly to see wild animals, to meet Mursi tribes and experience their culture's, so that drive back to Jinka where you can have shower and eat lunch, so that we will transfer you to Jinka BCO airport.