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Tribe Experience

Tribes of Tanzania Experience. Dive into the wide range of cultures North Tanzania has to offer! Your tour includes time with the Hadzabe, Chaga, Datoga, Maasai, and Iraqw people - a melting pot of cultures bound to fascinate!

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The Hadzabe

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Arusha / Moshi - Marangu

You'll be picked up after breakfast from your Moshi or Arusha accommodation and head to the nearby town of Marangu.

Your one-day tour to the sleepy mountain town of Marangu includes:

Kisaya Falls: The walk to these picturesque falls is a leisurely hike through local banana plantations and quiet clusters of homes. You'll use stepping stones to cross the river and there's a bit of muddy downhill hiking to get there, but the reward at the end is a towering waterfall with blessedly cool waters beneath. The particularly adventurous may even wish to hop in for a quick swim.

Coffee Plantation Tour: You'll pay a visit to a locally owned and operated coffee plantation to learn more about the process that takes the beans from the tree to our cups. Try your hand at manually grinding and roasting beans and reward your hard work with some delicious, fresh coffee.

Chaga Tunnels: You'll venture down into the inky black darkness of the tunnels in which Chaga sheltered when the Maasai would raid from the lowlands. Your guide will guide you unerringly through the underground labyrinth as he describes the days of guerrilla warfare and how the people survived underground for so long.

Banana Beer Tasting: Visit a local banana beer vendor to try this potent local brew.

Your day trip also includes a local lunch.

In the evening, you'll retire to your Arusha or Moshi accommodations to get some rest.

Day 2

Monduli Juu

Located just an hour’s drive from Arusha, the picturesque town of Monduli Juu offers visitors a unique perspective on Maasai life. Located in a breathtaking caldera, this town is a living, breathing example of how the proud Maasai people are adapting to Tanzania’s rapid modernisation while also conserving their traditional way of life.

Upon arrival, your guide will introduce you to members of the local community and give you an insight into the day to day goings on in an authentic Maasai village. After your morning of cultural exploration, you’ll enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in the wilderness that surrounds the village. If you’re feeling adventurous, your guide can even take you on a hike through this evergreen rainforest!

Visits to Monduli Juu on a Saturday take on a whole other level, as you’re visiting for the weekly community market! You’ll get the chance to enjoy the colourful sight of Maasai men trading livestock while the women negotiate for beans,rice, and other sundries. It’s also a terrific time for you to try your hand at bartering and get your own pair of Maasai sandals or a Maasai blanket to take home with you Regardless of when you visit, a day trip to Monduli Yuu offers a window into the fascinating Maasai culture that you won’t find anywhere else in Tanzania.

Day 3

Mto Wa Mbu

You'll set off after breakfast and make the roughly two-hour drive north to the bustling market town of Mto Wa Mbu.

Start your day with a guided walking or tuk-tuk tour of the village. Your tour will take you through local farms, homes, schools, and more as you get a glimpse at local life for working Tanzanians.

After a delicious local lunch, you'll continue on to your accommodation to get some rest.

Optional: You might wish to spend your afternoon on a Lake Manyara cycling tour or an afternoon game drive through nearby Lake Manyara National Park.

Day 4

Iraqw and Datoga People

You'll visit with two of Tanzania's lesser-known tribes today, paying visits to both the Iraqw and Datoga people who call the Lake Eyasi region home.

Learn more about these two fascinating tribal cultures before continuing on to your Lake Eyasi accommodation to relax.

You'll want an early night tonight, as tomorrow sees you up at the crack of dawn!

Day 5

Hadzabe People

You'll be up before breakfast today, as you'll be joining the Hadzabe bushmen for the opportunity to hunt for your own food!

One of the last true bushman tribes in Africa, the Hadzabe live very much as they always have despite the rapid development of Tanzania. With only 2,000 members, the Hadzabe tribe are a fascinating people who offer us a window into how life in Tanzania was in the past.

The local hunters will prepare a demonstration of hunting techniques just for us. Far from being a mere performance, this display reveals a great deal about their everyday lives when they must hunt for animals to feed their families. You will see firsthand how the Hadzabe use distinctive motions and even the body parts of certain animals to lure their prey close enough that they can be brought down with hand-crafted poisons.

After a late breakfast, you'll have the opportunity for a drive around Lake Eyasi proper. While this shallow soda lake is not home to the same variety of wildlife you'll find in a national park, you'll have the chance to spot a variety of bird and mammal life. On occasion, flamingos and hippos even call the lake home.

In the afternoon, you'll return to Arusha.

Optional: You might wish to spend your last night at the world-famous Africa Amini Maasai Lodge. Here, you'll overnight in a Maasai boma and participate in Maasai led activities such as guided nature walks, traditional dance, donkey rides, and more.

Day 6


Departure from Arusha