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Tribe Experience

Live an unforgettable 14-day experience in the fascinating south of Senegal on its border with Guinea and discover its cultures that have maintained their deepest traditions throughout the centuries. You will get to know closely the day to day of the life of the Fulani, in addition to other tribes such as the Bedick, the Bassari, the Serer, the Malinke or the Diola. Prepare to immerse yourself in incomparable landscapes and wildlife in a life-changing experience.

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The Fulani (Peul)

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Dakar - Rose Lake

Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel. accommodation.

Day 2

Rose Lake - Kaolack

Breakfast. Visit to Lake Rosa to see its salt flats and the activity of extracting salt from the bottom of the lake. We will continue towards the Sine Saloum delta area to visit the shell island of Joal Fadiouth.

Day 3

Niokolo Koba Park

Breakfast and departure towards Mako passing Tambacounda crossing villages. We will continue our route crossing the Niokolo Koba Park before reaching Badian (Mako) where we will sleep in an ecological and solidarity camp located next to the Gambia river that crosses the park.

Hopefully we could see animals along our journey across the park.

We will rest for a while and later at the time indicated by the local guide, we will start an excursion walking along the bank of the Gambia river in search of hippos that usually walk in the area.

We will continue to Malinke village (local ethnic group) to visit it and return to the camp. Dinner accommodation

Day 4

Bedick & Bassari people

Breakfast. We will go to the Bédick and Basari villages where we will start the trekking going beyond what we usually visit in the area and discovering together new corners and hidden villages in the Basari and Bedick mountains. We will stop briefly at the Kedougou market to make the last purchases before entering the islands. In the rural area to the town of Bandafassi we will start the day walk crossing villages like Patassi, Angel, Iwol before going down to Ibel.

Visit of the tribes and ethnic groups before going down to the Peul de Ibel village. Return to Kedougou and dinner accommodation.

Day 5

Peul Tribe

Breakfast. We will drive this morning through the Peul villages with our vehicle to the border with Guinea Conakry. We continue towards the Peul town of Dindefelo, crossing the last border post of Senegal and accessing the area of the first towns of Guinea.

We will start a trekking from the camp of that town crossing a lush forest and going to the Dindefelo waterfall to see it and enjoy a few baths in the natural pool located in the middle of nowhere in a well-kept ecological environment.

Return to the camp to have lunch, reserve before and rest until the indicated time, and climb the mountain of Dande going to the village of Dande, Guinean town although they consider themselves Senegalese.

Accommodation and visit of the caves, and the source of the waterfall. Accommodation in the only camp installed in the middle of the town. Dinner.

Day 6

Peul Tribe

Breakfast. Another day of trekking through the Peul villages that belong to the Guinean territory and located on top of the Dande mountain before returning to the camp at around 1.30 pm to have lunch and rest before visiting Dande's teeth, an incredible place with spectacular views if we coincide with a good sunset.

Return to the camp and lodging dinner next to the town.

Day 7


Breakfast. Departure in the morning saying goodbye to that rural area of mountains descending on the other side of the valley of Mount Dande and go towards our vehicle to leave that rural area and head towards Kedougou where we will make a stop to wander through its market.

The peculiarity of this market is that it has products of very different origins (Guinea-Mali-Gambia and Senegal). Kedougou is, due to its proximity to border countries, the only large city in that area and is surrounded by many small towns.

Brief visit and immediately we will continue to Tambacounda where we will spend the night in our hotel relaxing from the day by the hotel pool if we wish. Accommodation and dinner.

Day 8


We will leave the city in the morning after breakfast, following the most southwesterly course to approach the regional capital of the lower Casamance, Ziguinchor.

We will cross the fields of peanut, millet, corn and rice crops and we will undoubtedly notice that we are in one of the most beautiful and pleasant areas of the country, due to its climate, people and its environment in general.

We will cross part of the Casamance river passing the Emil Badían bridge according to the route, before arriving at Ziguinchor where we plan to eat.

Visit of the city of Ziguinchor visiting its central market before continuing further into the rural area where we will discover the local realities of the Diola ethnic group from the lower Casamance.

We will be accommodated according to availability in one of its typical impluvium houses (closed round style with interior patio). Accommodation and according to schedule, we will visit the town. Dinner.

Day 9


Breakfast. Departure to the most beautiful beaches in the country where we will relax after visiting the large town of Diembering. We will see its gigantic trees called ceiba or fromager, crossing its traditional dance square and seeing the telephone tam tam with which the surrounding towns communicated, being able to have an echo of up to about 15km approximately.

Return to the hotel. Accommodation. Rest of the afternoon free by the pool or at the hotel beach. Dinner.

Day 10

Carabane Island

Breakfast. Today we will head towards the great Diola village of Oussouye, We will pass through the village of Mlomp where one of the first adobe plants in the area was built next to its gigantic trees called Ceiba before arriving at the fishing village of Elinkine.

Our canoe will be waiting for us to take us to the beautiful island of Carabane, the former regional capital of Casamance, located in the middle of the mouth of the Casamance River, just at the delta of the Casamance River. Lunch around the town and free afternoon of walks around the town next to its charming beach.

Day 11

Serer People

Breakfast at 07:30 in the morning and departure with our canoe towards the Sine Saloum delta.

We will leave with our vehicle from the town of Elinkine going north crossing Gambia and accessing the delta area of the sine saloum river.

We would stop on schedule in Kaolack City for lunch. After lunch we will continue towards the Serer village (local ethnic group) of Faoye located next to an arm of the Sine Saloum river.

Accommodation in local style thatched bungalows on stilts overlooking the river. Rest of the afternoon free.

Day 12


Relaxed breakfast in the solidarity camp of Faoye before leaving to visit the town and continue to the mouth of the Sine Saloum river.

We will leave after visiting Faoye, stopping at Ndangane before continuing to the town of Palmarin on the Atlantic coast just off the delta.

Accommodation at our hotel and free lunch. Free time until around 5:00 p.m. we will visit the fishing village of Djiffer located just at the mouth to see all the fishing activity and the loading and unloading environment. Return to the hotel and dinner accommodation.

Day 13

Sine Saloum River

Breakfast. One and a half hour canoe excursion on the Sine Saloum river or so before taking our vehicle to visit the Somone bay where we could have lunch and spend a pleasant time bathing.

Transfer to Dakar after lunch and accommodation.

Day 14

Gorée Island - Dakar

Breakfast. Optional excursion to the Gorée Slave Island. Cog We will travel in the boat that will bring us in about 25mn to the island of Gorée to visit it and see the house of the slaves from where thousands of slaves left for America.

Lunch on the island if we wish before returning to Dakar at the indicated time. Panoramic tour of the city before transfer to the airport at the indicated time and departure.

We will tour the city visiting its famous markets and squares before transferring to the airport at the indicated time.

Day for the Senegalese capital. Departure