Navigating Through the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic had significantly impacted the business world, especially the Tourism Industry globally, due to the resulting travel restrictions as well as a slump in demand among travellers. Like all business, Nomadic Tribe continues to monitor the international situation generated by this pandemic and assess and examine the daily developments to come over the devastating effects. However, we look to the future with optimism.

Although we see some countries started to reopen their borders, there are strict travel measures in place; from 15-days quarantine upon arrival, the performance of PCR tests as well as the use of masks onboard plans. More so, most governments continue to advise their nationals to avoid nonessential international travel; These measures have also played a pillar element in delaying travel plans.

While our goal is to restore travel experiences safely for our travellers and indigenous tribes, It is essential for us to KEEP PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST!

We continue to work on creating safety regulations with our allies and local partners, to be able to offer itineraries free of any health risk.

We know that members of our community are adventurers and miss being able to live life-changing experiences alongside the world's most incredible indigenous tribes. Still, for now, we have to remain patient and make sure our trips are not going to be a risk for the communities visited or for our Nomadis.

As our business model is unique and our offering to travellers require us to also look after the health and safety of tribe members of Indigenous communities; we are also observing International organisations' processes and analysis on this matter. We are fully committed to adhering to measures and steps that ensure the safety of Indigenous communities.

At Nomadic Tribe, we continue to navigate through the tough time, working towards better and safer lifetime experiences for our travellers and tribes.

Meanwhile, our platform nomadictribe.com continues to be a fantastic online community for like-minded travellers to explore, connect and learn about different tribe cultures and rituals and equip themselves with the right knowledge. And we will continue building new experiences so when the time comes, travellers can book life-changing journeys that let you encounter authentic indigenous cultures.